Collective Handbook

Welcome to our handbook! We are glad you are here!

GENIE is a self-organizing, open collective. We work 'out loud', allowing others to team up with us as we make progress, and are therefore able to increase the effectiveness, learning speed and collective intelligence of our organizations, including GENIE. It's up to you to decide how much and when you get involved, and which of your own projects would benefit from GENIE support.

This is a bare bones document as we get up and running, so please do go through it - it's not long! - and email us or login and ask in our member chat if you have any questions or clarifications you'd like to discuss.

NOTE: GENIE general members are welcome to read as much or as little of this document as they like. Sponsors are given the relevant links when they become sponsors. For partner organizations, contractor members and - of couse - the core GENIE team, please consider this required reading. Of course, if you read something you'd like changed, we do that too, collectively!

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